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Air Service Development Training Courses

Air Service Development Fundamentals

Course Information

The training is organised in cooperation with a professional training company groUP247, which provides the administrative organisation and venues.


The training allows individuals to become more familiar with the subject of air service development, and the techniques used in traffic forecasting and network optimisation in Poland and worldwide. Participants will also gain specialised knowledge in the field of airport marketing support for carriers and its impact on business decisions. They will learn negotiation techniques related to the introduction of new routes. They will receive extensive knowledge and a step-by-step guide on running and managing a successful campaign for the implementation of new routes. The course also includes an overview of the aviation sector in Europe and globally, and trends in development.



The training is intended for individuals or companies working in the air transport sector wishing to deepen their professional knowledge in the areas of air traffic, air service development strategies and effective marketing. Typical attendees are those wishing to learn the techniques of traffic forecasting and air service development for airlines and airports as well as the basics of air service development business negotiations.

•    Airports - analysts and managers - operations, commercial, marketing divisions
•    Airlines - analysts and managers - operations and network divisions
•    Civil Aviation authorities
•    Students - studying transport 
•    Universities and colleges
•    Air transport enthusiasts
•    Firms planning to invest in aviation, airline start-ups (optimisation of networks).

Training Type:

Training is private, max 15 attendees, preceded with a survey identifying the needs of attendees and ending with a process evaluation.


Training takes place at client offices or venues offered by groUP247. All training sessions can include professional catering if required.


Flexible hours to suit client needs, typically up to 8 hours per day, to include breaks for lunch and tea/coffee. Two training days are required to cover all the material.


The training includes a theoretical session plus practical interactive exercises.



  • ​Air transport sector overview - history, current environment, perspectives and trends

  • Socio-economic market assessment - the foundations of air service development

  • Introduction to short and long-term traffic forecasting 

  • QSI forecasting - the foundation of effective and compelling business cases 

  • Airline business models and business decision making

  • Airport marketing fundamentals - digital and social media

  • Marketing support and incentive schemes for new routes

  • Successful air service development campaigns

  • Negotiation techniques and cooperation of airports

  • Business cases - city-pair target pitches




Attendees will gain unique knowledge and competency in: 
•    Characteristics of socio-economic analysis in the evaluation of new markets
•    The importance of data analysis and market research in air traffic forecasting
•    Fundamentals of short and long-term traffic forecasting with emphasis on QSI forecasting as an effective tool for assessing passenger flows and cost-effectiveness of connectivity
•    Overview of airline economics
•    The importance of competitive positioning of airports
•    Running an effective new routes promotion campaign and sales campaigns regarding new connections as well as marketing support and incentives for air carriers
•    Effective presentation of case studies and business negotiations with airlines

Additional benefits:

All attendees will receive:

•    Training completion certificate 
•    Training materials
•    Notebook

The training courses include practical exercises allowing evaluation of the learning process. This allows the trainer to regularly monitor the effectiveness of teaching methods and refine the transfer of knowledge accordingly.

Some additional time for networking for all training attendees is assumed. The trainer will focus on selected examples from the area of activity that is closest to the attendee’s interests.

After the training, attendees will receive a free consultation package. Each training attendee will also receive an individual rebate code authorising a 10% discount on all subsequent open trainings organised by groUP247, valid for 1 year.

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