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Training Courses

The development of the aviation market and related services is one of the key factors shaping the socio-economic changes of each country and region. It has an invaluable impact on building and strengthening the international position of a country and on increasing its competitiveness.


The trainings offer useful information for people from the aviation sector, entities related to transport in general, as well as people starting their professional careers. They are intended for those wishing to learn the basics and principles of air transport, development trends, and basics of sector's economics. The topics discussed during the trainings will also allow the attendees to pursue a professional career in this sector, satisfy their ambitions and needs and help them understand the rules of the aviation market development.

I cooperate with a professional training firm GroUP247, which provides professional courses organisation and administration.

To arrange a training, please contact me directly or GroUP247 (link below)

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Air Service Development Training


General Training

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