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Areas Of Expertise

I strongly believe that enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter are important motivators for working in the aviation sector. As an aviation enthusiast I have both. 


With more than 15 years of aviation experience at leading aviation companies, I utilise my expertise to add value to client projects.

My core areas of expertise comprise:


Advance Air Mobility

Market Assessment / Demand Analysis based on new innovative approaches

Demand Modeling  (eVTOL, eSTOL, Urban Air Mobility) - in-house demand modeling tool

Network Strategy for AAM

Scheduling Analysis

Financial and Carbon Emission Analysis



Air Service Development

Airport Network Development

Bottom Up and Top Down Forecasting

Demand and Trend Analysis

Busy Hour and Day Analysis

Schedule Trends Assessment

Airport Charges Assessment

Gap Analysis

Benchmarking Analysis

Market and Socio-Economic Trends Assessment

Catchment Area and Leakage Analysis

Routes Specific Airline Engagement

Commercial Negotiations


Air Service Development

Airlines Network Analysis and Optimisation

Network Strategy

Benchmarking and Competition Analysis

Airline Route Forecasting

Fleet Analysis and Optimisation

Routes Scheduling and Fleet Recommendations

Routes QSI Forecasting

Routes Fares and Revenue Analysis

Connectivity Analysis

Routes Revenue Forecasting

Gap Analysis

Routes Specific Airline Engagement

Commercial Negotiations

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