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Advance Air Mobility Demand Modeling & Scheduling

Electric Aviation presents us with an unprecedented opportunity in the aviation sector not seen since the very early days of aviation.  This innovation has come about through the incremental development of electric propulsion systems which has its roots in electric car manufacturing. The opportunity presented via electric propulsion is that we can develop a distributed aviation system that allows us to make the best use of existing aviation infrastructure while still increasing regional connectivity leading to increased economic benefit. 

Airports & Airlines Air Service Development

The air service development process is complex and comprises multiple stages. I conduct detailed benchmarking studies and network gap analysis to determine target markets and airlines. Utilising QSI analysis I accurately forecast route passenger and revenue forecasts on proposed routes, including connectivity studies and passenger profile analysis.

Airline Business Cases

Every airline route forecast would be incomplete without a proper socio-economic market assessment. I have experience in developing compelling business cases to present to target airlines, supported by detailed market analysis, socio-economic assessment and passenger profiling.

Airport Traffic Forecasting
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Traffic projections are essential to business decisions of airports, airlines and other entities in the aviation sector. My approach to traffic forecasting incorporates in-depth industry knowledge and strong analytical skills. Focus on the key drivers in each market is paramount, therefore I consider each market as unique. Hence, each traffic forecast is developed slightly differently. That includes advance modelling, scenario testing, and econometric demand approaches. 

Airline Network and Fleet Optimisation

Network and fleet strategy are the heart of any airlines business model.  Network and fleet management is a very complex and multi-staged process that must include a strategic focus with a tactical approach to achieve business plan goals. It's essential that routes shouldn't be analysed in isolation but considered by their value contribution to overall network profitability. I provide network and fleet planning analysis that is data-driven and takes into account such factors as market characteristics, political and operational constraints, competition strategy and airline trends. 

Catchment and Leakage Analysis

Utilising industry data (ticketing, point of origin/sale), trend analysis to identify airport usage within a specific area and region. Includes analysis of traffic that is "leaking" to other airports.

Client Representation & Commercial Negotiations

Services extend to assistance on commercial negotiations between airlines and airports. I have vast experience and a wide range of contacts among the airport and airline executive community. I offer client representation (airports and airlines) at industry forums, headquarters meetings and during broader discussions with other stakeholders.

Air Service Development & Airport and Airlines Marketing Techniques Trainings

I offer training sessions in various areas of the aviation industry. I can tailor each training to clients requirements, the courses are bespoke to your specific objectives. I offer courses at clients' premises or at convenient locations.

I cooperate with a professional coaching and training company that facilitates preparations for each course and makes sure the venue meets the highest standards. 

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